Settling In

Hola from Perú!

I have been super busy the last few days with orientation and some sight seeing around the city, but now that I’m settled in and have a little time to kill (finally), I figured I would update you all on my experience so far.  I am living in a small family compound with my 2 host parents, their 24 year old nephew who is studying to become a pilot, and another American student.  They have all been wonderful, warm, and inviting.

On my first day in Lima, we visited some ancient Pre-Incan ruins called Huaca Pucllana located right in the middle of the city!  It was bizarre seeing these tall modern buildings in the background of an ancient pyramid.


Then, yesterday, the group of us international students went to see the Parque de las Aguas Mágicas (Park of Magical Waters), which is a neat park that has 13 unique fountains and a Guinness world record for being the largest fountain complex in the world.  At night, they had a light show in one of the larger fountains where they projected images onto the mist the fountain created and coordinated the movement of the lights and water with music  played over the loud speakers.  Here are a few pictures:





Oh and also, as I’m sure you know, a new Pope was chosen today and he’s argentinian, so that’s kind of a big deal down here.  Practically everyone is Catholic and they are so proud to have the next Pope be from Latin America, which has never happened before!  I hope everything is going well in the states.  I register for classes tomorrow and then on Friday I travel to Iquitos to visit the Amazon.  And yes, mom, I will remember my malaria pills.  I am not expected to have internet service over the weekend, so my next post will come when I return!



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