Hi all!

Sorry I haven’t updated the blog in a while.  I’ve been up to a lot since I got back from Cusco, but primarily I have just been settling into my classes.

Last weekend I went to downtown Lima to see the historic part of town.  I saw the changing of the guards, which was a very interesting show put on by the Peruvian military in front of the government palace, pictured below:



Also in the city center, there was this fountain in the middle of the plaza.  On National Pisco Sour Day, an official holiday to celebrate Peru’s national drink, this fountain is filled with Pisco and you can come fill a cup with pisco from the fountain for a small fee.  For those of you who don’t know, pisco is an alcoholic spirit distilled from grapes and it is mixed with sour mix to make the Pisco Sour.  Chileans would have you believe that they were the creators of the Pisco Sour, but my friends in Peru have been sure to inform me otherwise…


Then, we made a trip to the San Francisco Convent, where they used to bury everyone’s remains since there were no cemeteries.  This was something I was looking forward to doing since before I even arrived in Peru.  I felt like Indiana Jones ducking my head down to go through the tunnels of the catacombs to see the thousands upon thousands of skeletons buried there (especially since I was wearing my adventure hat).  We were not allowed to take photos down there, but I still managed to sneak a few when the tour guide was not looking (ssshhhhh).  I turned the flash off so they are kind of dark and didn’t come out very well, but here’s the best one anyway.


Other than that and class, I haven’t been up to too much.  I was invited to climb with the rock climbing team at the university on Monday and Wednesday nights on their rock climbing wall so I will probably go to my first session there tonight so I can keep up with an old hobby and hopefully meet some friends along the way!  I hope everything is okay back in the states, I was crushed by the news from Boston on Monday.


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